Here, you'll have the opportunity to pioneer cutting-edge AI/ML technologies and make a real-world impact. We value personal growth, celebrating each individual's unique contribution. At Nebul, you're not just an employee, but a key part of our tech-driven community. Push the boundaries of what's possible with us.

Your best work starts here.

Our Teams

Nebul is piloted by teams of talented professionals. We are forward thinkers that like to experiment with current and emerging technologies.

AI/ML Team

Comprised of experienced machine learning experts, they create cutting-edge AI technnology to develop innovative algorithms and models. Their work enables us to provide intelligent, predictive solutions that harness the power of data to solve complex problems. They are at the forefront of AI, ensuring that Nebul remains a trailblazer in the realm of artificial intelligence.

DevOps Team

Our DevOps team is our technological backbone that transforms our vision and ideas into robust, scalable, and high-performing software solutions. They work closely with our clients to understand their needs, developing software that seamlessly integrates with existing systems and processes. Their pursuit of continual improvement ensures our solutions are effective, reliable and user-friendly.

Engineering Team

These professionals ensure that our hardware and software environments are secure, resilient, and capable of supporting the computational demands of our AI/ML solutions. They manage everything, ensuring the integrity and availability of our services around the clock. They are the unsung heroes who keep our systems running smoothly, enabling us to deliver uninterrupted service to our clients.

Our DNA and Values

Always pushing forward

Give and expect trust

Creative Thinkers

Bias for Action

In love with Technology

Work together on getting results

Life at Nebul

We’ve replaced corporate hierarchy and bureaucratic conventions with open communication and a collaborative working environment. By promoting a safe, innovative and inclusive culture, anyone with the talent, energy and focus to solve hard problems has a seat at the table.

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