Software and SaaS

Add HPC and AI to your cloud native approach for Software development.


Software development and SaaS companies are innovation incubators that transform customer demand and emerging technologies into new services that enable their customers to differentiate in the marketplace.

In today’s world, you aim to harness the power of AI, Machine Learning, and Large Language Models. You need integrated solutions that provide maximum support for development and operations while keeping costs predictable and within budget.

Industry challenges. Sound familiar?


  • Introduce new AI-powered features to your software offerings
  • Make sure that your software is powered by the right HPC infrastructure
  • Provide optimized platforms, frameworks and libraries to your Developers so they are optimally geared for quick-to-market development.
  • Close support not only for IT but also for Developers and Data Scientists.
  • Privacy Compliance issues due to EU customer data on Public Clouds.
  • One size fits all approach used by most Cloud providers lacks the flexibility to choose the cloud that best fits your requirements for a specific use case.
  • Predicting your cost and keeping it in control as your services scale.

Value of Modern HPC for Software and SaaS

Modern HPC helps you adopt a cloud-native approach to tackle your challenges by leveraging AI, Data Science, Automation, and Cost Control to maximize their ROI so you can pass the benefits on to your customers.

Providing your services from a private, secure, and sovereign cloud landing zone will provide you with a unique selling point to customers that are bound to strict internal or GDPR compliance.

Use Cases and Outcomes

Enable Machine Learning (AI) in Software Development

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in software development is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s a necessity for driving innovation and staying competitive in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape. With Nebul’s Modern HPC powered by NVIDIA, you can unlock these powerful technologies for your business with compelling benefits:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: ML algorithms can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up developers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of their projects. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces the risk of human errors.
  2. Improved Code Quality: AI-driven tools can perform advanced code reviews, identify potential errors, and suggest improvements. This leads to more robust, reliable, and efficient software.
  3. Predictive Capabilities: AI and ML can predict potential issues and bugs in the early stages of development, reducing time spent on troubleshooting and minimizing downtime in production environments.
  4. Customized User Experiences: AI can analyze user behavior to provide personalized experiences. It can make recommendations, predict user needs, and deliver more engaging, intuitive interactions.
  5. Accelerated Time to Market: With AI and ML, development cycles are streamlined, enabling faster prototyping, testing, and deployment of software applications. This rapid development process helps you get your product to market faster, giving you a competitive edge.


Improve application performance with GPU optimized code

Optimizing software and code for GPU utilization brings a host of benefits, particularly when handling tasks that are computationally intensive or require parallel processing. Here are some key reasons why developers should consider GPU optimization:

  1. Enhanced Performance: GPUs have a massively parallel architecture consisting of thousands of smaller cores designed for handling multiple tasks simultaneously. This makes them especially effective for algorithms where several computations can be performed concurrently. Therefore, optimized GPU code can lead to substantial performance improvements.
  2. Accelerated AI/ML Workloads: Many tasks in AI and machine learning involve a high degree of parallelism, such as matrix operations or convolution, making them perfect candidates for GPU acceleration. Training times for machine learning models can be reduced dramatically by taking advantage of GPU optimization.
  3. Real-Time Processing: The parallel computing power of GPUs is vital for real-time applications such as gaming, autonomous vehicles, or financial trading systems where high throughput and low latency are required.
  4. Cost Efficiency: By optimizing code for GPUs, developers can make the most of their available hardware resources. This leads to improved cost efficiency since the same computations can be performed faster on a GPU than a CPU, or more computations can be performed in the same amount of time.


Freedom of Choice and Improved Compliance

If you are looking to decrease your dependency on a single cloud provider while increasing compliance, particularly with data protection and privacy regulations within the EU, here’s how Enterprise HPC can help:

  1. Freedom of choice: If a contractual or financial issue arises, you stay in control of your data and applications and cannot be taken hostage by a large Cloud Service Provider to comply to changing costs and terms.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes stringent rules about how customer data should be handled. By using a sovereign HPC solution a software company can ensure that it is fully compliant with these regulations.
  3. Data Sovereignty: Enterprise HPC helps maintain data sovereignty by ensuring that data remains within the “private” borders of the organization within a specific country or region. This is particularly important for industries like healthcare or finance, where regulations often require that data not leave the country.
  4. Trust and Transparency: Enterprise HPC offers greater trust and transparency. You feel more secure knowing your data is stored and processed in accordance with EU Legislation.
  5. Improved Security: Enterprise HPC provides robust security measures in line with regulations. This can help protect against data breaches and cyber threats, further enhancing your compliance


Solve your IT Skills gap

The IT skills gap, especially in areas like HPC and AI, is a growing issue for many organizations. Leveraging Nebul’s Enterprise HPC solution, we provide multiple ways to address this gap:

  1. Streamlined Path to AI and Machine Learning: By providing all the components necessary in a single integrated solution for AI and machine learning, Nebul lowers the barrier of entry to these advanced technologies. This enables you to begin leveraging AI without needing to cultivate deep in-house expertise first.
  2. Reduction in Complexity: Enterprise HPC powered by Nvidia reduces the complexity typically associated with HPC systems. This makes the technology more accessible to all stakeholders (Data Scientist, Developers and IT) who may not have in-depth knowledge and experience.
  3. Expertise on Demand: Nebul provides high-performance computing solutions backed by its team’s expertise and Nvidia’s worldwide support network. This allows you to immediately tap into expert knowledge without having to recruit or train in-house staff.
  4. Focused Training and Support: Nebul provides training that allows your teams to quickly become proficient in managing and using the HPC/AI platform.
  5. Rapid Adaptation to New Technologies: Nebul, as a technology provider, will stay up to date with the latest advancements in Nvidia-based infrastructure, AI, and machine learning. This allows customer organizations to benefit from these advancements without having to invest in continuous staff training and development.

In short, Nebul’s Enterprise HPC solution can help you bridge your IT skills gap, providing immediate access to cutting-edge technology and expertise, enabling you to leverage AI and Machine Learning more effectively.


Lower, more predictable cost

Nebul’s Integrated Enterprise High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solution, powered by Nvidia, can significantly reduce operational costs, and make them more predictable in several ways:

  1. Predictable Cost: With Nebul’s Enterprise HPC solution, you can either invest in your own infrastructure or use Nebul’s HPC Cloud where you pay a consistent capacity-based subscription fee instead of the transaction and traffic models which public cloud providers use today. This makes it easier to predict and plan IT spending.
  2. Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency: By utilizing Nvidia’s highly efficient hardware, Nebul’s Enterprise HPC solution offers high computational power per unit of energy, which can lead to significant cost savings. Nvidia’s technology is specifically designed for intensive tasks such as AI and machine learning, providing high performance with less hardware than traditional computing solutions.
  3. Reduced Maintenance: Nebul takes care of the maintenance of the HPC system, eliminating the costs associated with in-house hardware management, such as repairs, upgrades, and system troubleshooting.
  4. Lowered HR Costs: The need to hire, train, and retain in-house specialists for HPC, AI, and ML is reduced as the Nebul team provides the necessary expertise and operational support services (if required).
  5. Time Savings: By providing a ready-to-use Enterprise HPC solution, Nebul eliminates the time and cost associated with setting up and configuring an in-house HPC environment with all the experimentation required to build a fully optimized HPC/AI platform.

Nebul’s Enterprise HPC solution, powered by Nvidia, enables you to offload the financial and operational burdens of managing your HPC platform. This not only helps reduce operational costs but also makes them more predictable, helping you to plan and manage your IT budget more effectively.


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