NVIDIA Networks

NVIDIA Networking fuels HPC and AI, ensuring lightning-fast data flow. It's the backbone of innovation, powering advanced computations unlocking access to AI's potential.

Accelerated Networks

Networks need to evolve in order to support the exponentially increasing amount of data processing caused by modern data center workloads. Our accelerated networking solutions offer you a choice of InfiniBand and Ethernet, giving you the infrastructure that supports develop-to-deploy implementations across all your workloads and storage requirements that enable a new era of accelerated computing to maximize your AI investments.


The Future of Networking

Whether accelerating applications with InfiniBand or RoCE or isolating key workloads via DPU, our software-defined, hardware-accelerated offerings enable you to dedicate your compute and storage resources to applications, not network management.

The latest addition is Magnum IO, NVIDIA’s GPUDirect Storage feature, which directly connects GPUs to storage, bypassing the CPU entirely. This results in significantly faster data transfer rates, reduced latency, and more efficient AI and HPC workflows. By breaking down traditional data bottlenecks, NVIDIA networks allow you to unlock the full potential of your data, accelerating time-to-insight, and propelling innovation forward.


InfiniBand Networks

NVIDIA InfiniBand is the most high-performance network solution on the market and therefore the technology of choice for Super Computers. Its low-latency networking technology is designed to fully utilize the capabilities of high-speed data centers. It has built-in congestion control mechanisms, high bandwidth, and smart offloading capabilities which help in speeding up HPC and AI tasks by ensuring efficient data movement. It’s not only fast but also offers built-in redundancy and failover capabilities, which increase the overall reliability of the system.

Furthermore, InfiniBand is scalable and supports both small and large configurations, making it a flexible solution for different data center sizes and configurations. Its ability to offer direct or switched connections between nodes makes it ideal for server clusters and data center interconnects, enhancing the performance of data-intensive applications and tasks.


Ethernet Networks

NVIDIA Ethernet solutions offer a variety of high-performance options, going up to 800 gigabits per second. This caters to a wide range of data center needs and can handle massive data flow efficiently, a crucial factor in HPC and AI.

Data Processing Units (DPUs)

The Data Processing Units or DPUs offload, accelerate, and secure key networking, storage, and security tasks from the CPU. This frees up CPU resources for HPC and AI workloads, enhancing overall system performance.

GPUDirect Technology

NVIDIA’s GPUDirect technology provides a direct path for data from storage and networks to GPU memory, bypassing the CPU. This significantly accelerates data processing, a vital factor in HPC and AI.


NVIDIA Networking Solutions support Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), a technology that allows one computer to directly place information in another computer’s memory with minimal CPU involvement. This results in lower latency and higher throughput, which are crucial in HPC and AI.


NVIDIA networking solutions are highly scalable, supporting anything from small configurations to large supercomputers like DGX SuperPODs. There is virtually no limit to the size and scale these network technologies can support.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

NVIDIA Network Operating Systems like Cumulus and Onyx provide comprehensive software solutions for optimizing networking capabilities in HPC and AI applications. They enable automation, customization, and web-scale principles for network operations.


Bring end-to-end high-performance networking to HPC, AI, and Cloud Data Centers.

NVIDIA Ethernet Networks

Complete Ethernet Solutions, From Host to Switch with NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet performance, availability, and ease of use across a wide range of applications—including cloud computing, data storage, AI, and more.


NVIDIA Infiniband Networks

Complex workloads demand ultra-fast processing of extreme-size datasets and highly parallelized algorithms. NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand provides the dramatic leap in performance needed to achieve unmatched performance in HPC and AI with less cost and complexity.


NVIDIA Bluefield DPUs

NVIDIA BlueField DPUs combine powerful computing, high-speed networking, and extensive programmability to deliver software-defined, hardware-accelerated solutions for the most demanding workloads. From accelerated AI and scientific computing to cloud-native supercomputing, BlueField redefines what’s possible.



NVIDIA Magnum IO enables developers to remove input/output (IO) bottlenecks in HPC, AI, Data Science, and Visualization applications, reducing the end-to-end time of workflows. Magnum IO covers all aspects of data movement between CPUs, GPUs, DPUs, and storage subsystems in virtualized, containerized, and bare-metal environments.


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