Universal Datastore for All Your Data.

The data platform for the AI era: Unleash access to all your data with limitless performance and resilience. All powered by an all-new scale-out architecture, ideal for AI/ML and Data Science workloads.

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Storage Architecture reimagined

It’s now possible to build a next-generation data platform architecture that solves the challenges of scaling that are common with shared-nothing systems.

Vast’s new Disaggregated, Shared-Everything architecture scales linearly to exabyte proportions, while pioneering next-generation levels of flash efficiency to make it finally possible to realize the dream of all-flash for all your data.

No spinning disks. No tiers. No limits.
Learn what IDC calls “the architecture of the future” here

The first unified namespace for files, objects and tables

Data management is simple when structured and unstructured data are managed by a single, scalable system. VAST’s Element Store was designed to abstract data from protocols, allowing applications to write with one protocol and read from any other, all while preserving permissions and providing equal performance access across every protocol.

As an integrated unstructured and structured namespace, this Universal Data Platform enables the simple cataloging of files & objects at any scale.


Embrace the future of GPU-powered AI. Consolidate cached non-parallel and direct I/O workloads into a single, global namespace at exabyte scale. Universal Storage is a multi-protocol, all-flash system delivering 100Ms of IOPS to millions of compute cores.


A Next-Generation Architecture Designed for HPC and AI

Universal Platform for all your applications

Imagine the possibilities if you had the freedom to use your data any way you wanted. If your application could instantly access all the data it needs from a pool of images, files, and data you own. Add the ability to linearly scale performance and capacity from petabytes to exabytes as needed…and cost no longer dictates access to new technology and solutions, where performance and data reduction can be amortized across a larger data estate.

The VAST Data story starts with the Universal Datastore. A system that is fast enough for all of your applications, scalable enough to manage all of your data, and affordable enough to eliminate the need for complex storage tiers.

Equiped for HPC and AI through GPUDirect

Achieve predictable, high performance to meet any machine-learning and deep-learning workload requirements with VAST support for NVIDIA’s GPUDirect Storage.gpudirect


Multi-Protocol by Design

Eliminate islands of data infrastructure with a single platform built to deliver the integrated data management that can only come from engineering the entire protocol layer in-house.

  • NFS v4 / v3
  • SMB 3.0 / 2.1
  • S3
  • Container Plugins


Indestructable Snapshots and Objects

Protect data from ransomware and insider threats with indestructible storage.


Similarity-Based Data Reduction

A breakthrough global data reduction algorithm that redefines the economic equation of flash.


Embarrassingly-parallel performance scaling

One of the principal innovations of the VAST architecture is the elimination of east-west cluster traffic. All of the metadata and write buffer are built into non-volatile storage class memory, allowing storage containers to be both stateless and very high-performance. Without the need for caching, VAST clusters avoid cache coherency and controller interdependency, which is the key to linear scalability. No two containers talk to each other in the read or write path – so each is a linear unit of performance scaling.

VAST clusters are highly performant without the need for custom client-side storage drivers. With VAST you get the scale of the world’s leading parallel file systems without any of the client complexity.

Simplicity meets Power

Manage and monitor your workloads via the intuitive VAST UI or export metrics to the log analytics tool of your choice.



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